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Chapter 9

Sesshoumaru was walking to his car when Rin grabbed his hand.

“We don’t require a car to get to the place I’m planning to go to.” Rin said, halting his progress towards the car parking lot.

Sesshoumaru turned to look at her. “And how are we getting there?” He asked a little sulkily, he hated surprises.

“Teleporting. No, I’m not telling you where we are going to eat.”

“Well, this place must be in or close to circus boundaries.”

“What makes you say that?”

“I have noticed that your powers are weaker outside of the circus boundaries.”

Rin looked at him thoughtfully, “you’ve been very observant. It is true that my skills are weaker outside of the circus boundaries at the present, however, I could change that quite easily.”

“Really? And why haven’t you done it already?”

Rin shrugged, “I haven’t had the need to. Otherwise, I would have.”

Sesshoumaru gave a slight nod of his head in understanding. “Are you going to do what you have to do?”

“No, my mind would probably not be able to block thoughts anymore if I increased my power. It would be dangerous to answer someone’s thoughts. There are also other reasons why I haven’t done it.”

Sesshoumaru gave a mental sigh of relief. If she ever increased her power, I’d never be able to make her mine. “So where is this place we are going to?”

“You’ll see.”

She squeezed his clawed hand in her own and teleported them to the very edge of the southern circus boundary. Then she handed him a blindfold.

“What’s this for?” He asked, confusion on his face.

“It’s a blindfold. I don’t want you to know where we are going.”

He looked at her. “You expect me to trust you?” He asked.

Rin gave him a sad look. “You want us to become boyfriend/girlfriend, but you don’t trust me.” She gave puppy dog eyes and took away the blindfold from Sesshoumaru’s hands. “Fine, I’ll just go home.”

She turned to leave and Sesshoumaru reached out and grabbed her. He then pulled her to him. “I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it. But will you put it on for me? I’m not good at those sort of things.”

“All right. You are going to have to bend your knees a bit so I can reach…and turn around.”

Sesshoumaru turned away from Rin, letting go, and kneeled down on his knees. Rin tied the blindfold so that it covered his eyes. She then walked around so she could face him.

“Can you see me?”

“No,” he replied.

Rin examined him. Even with the blindfold covering his intense golden eyes, he was still very hot. “You can stand up now.”

“Will you help me up?” He asked softly.

Rin cocked an eyebrow and turned and started to walk away. “I don’t think so.”

Sesshoumaru stood up. “How am I to get there if you are just going to leave me here…blind?”

Rin gave a grin and kept walking. “Well, you could follow the sound of my footsteps. Or use your nose. It’s pretty obvious you aren’t a human. I just don’t know what you are.”

Sesshoumaru’s mouth dropped just a bit. Then he shook his head and followed her by using his acute sense of smell.

Soon Sesshoumaru ran into Rin. She had stopped with out warning him.

“Why did you stop?” he asked.

She didn’t say anything, but Sesshoumaru suddenly smelt fear mixing with Rin’s normally floral scent.

He put his hand up to the blindfold and ripped it off. In front of them was a destroyed building, totally burnt to the ground.

Rin’s body started shaking badly. Sesshoumaru put his arms around her. She immediately turned around and buried her head into Sesshoumaru’s shirt. He tightened his arms around her as her body kept shaking like crazy. Soon his shirt was wet from her tears as she cried.

“What’s wrong?” He asked softly, running his claws softly through her hair. “Why are you so afraid and sad?”

Rin muttered something Sesshoumaru’s strong ears couldn’t detect. Then she pulled away and wiped away her tears.

“That,” she said, waving her hands toward the burnt building, “is how my parents died. It was back when I was eight years old.”


Raidon and Kimi Kumori were playing dolls with their only child, eight year old Rin.

“Mommy.” Little Rin said. “Thank you for the dollies for my birthday. It’s what I’ve always wanted.”

“We know. That’s why we got them for you because you are our favorite child.”

“I’m your only child, mommy.”

“Of course you are sweetums.” Raidon said, patting Rin on the head. “Do you want to keep playing or would you like some cake and ice cream?” He asked her with a mischievous grin.

“Now Raidon, we haven’t even had dinner yet.”

“Yeah, daddy. Rin needs to eat dinner before sweets. Mommy says so.”

“Oh, you two take the fun out of everything.”

Rin ran over to her father and gave him a big hug. “I’m sorry daddy. Rin didn’t want to make you sad.”

“Well, your hug has made me happy. Thank you my little flower.”

Rin gave a huge grin and stood up. “Mommy, can I help make dinner?”

Kimi stood up. “Sure, I need all the help I can get to make your favorite dinner.”

“YEAH!!! Pizza! Will it be pepperoni, mommy?”

“Yes, it is pepperoni.”

Rin stopped before they got to the kitchen door. “Mommy, why does Rin smell smoke?”

“I don’t smell anything.”

Rin gave a nod and started following her mother again. They started the oven to get it heated up and Rin helped her mother put the sauce, cheese, and pepperoni on the all ready made pizza crust. Once the oven was all the way heated, they put in the homemade pizza and sat down at the table.

“That was fun mommy. When will food be ready?”

“In a little bit. The pizza needs to cook for awhile.”

They sat around for a little while. Rin talked about how happy she was about her birthday, when Raidon burst in.

“The house is on fire and someone has put a dampening spell on my magic and most likely yours. I can’t put it out. And it’s a magically started fire. It will be only a matter of seconds before it completely consumes our house. We must get Rin out of here. We don’t have any chance of getting ourselves out of here, but we can at least get Rin out. If I’m guessing correctly, her powers aren’t being dampened like ours.”

Rin started to cry. “Let me stay with you, please. Rin doesn’t want to be all alone.”

“Rin-chan, it’s for the best. If you die, our enemy wins. You must survive Rin. You must.” Raidon said softly. He then hurried towards the window and tried to open it. It wouldn’t budge.

“They must have a sealing spell on the windows and doors.” Kimi said.

“You are probably right. Rin, I need you to get this window open.”

“But how, daddy. Rin doesn’t know how to use her powers.”

“Just touch the window and say open. If they haven’t dampened your powers, it will open for you.”

“Okay, daddy. Rin will try.” Her father held her by the window and she touched the window. “Open,” she said, but nothing happened.

“Oh dear,” said Kimi.

Rin wrinkled her eyebrows and nose in concentration. She glared at the window. “Rin commands you to open, stupid window.” She muttered angrily and the window flew open.

Raidon and Kimi looked on in astonishment.

Raidon lowered Rin down on the other side of the window on the ground. “Now, Rin, run as fast as you can and learn how to use your powers or they will consume you.”

Rin looked at her parents with tears in her eyes. “I love you daddy and mommy.” She said softly, then she ran off, never looking back.

End Flashback

“So what happened after you ran from the house.” Sesshoumaru asked as Rin finished her story.

“Well, I ended up running into the person who started the fire. It was his plan to kill off my parents and have me survive. He wanted to use my powers for his evil purpose…since I’m the strongest of our kind. He used me until I was old enough and escaped from him. He wouldn’t give up however, so…finally I ended up killing him…on accident. Since that time, I put my own type of dampener on my powers so they only work to full capabilities in the circus’s perimeter.”

“I’m sorry,” Sesshoumaru said, “wait…did you just say you dampened your power?”

“Yes, that is why I’m not as powerful and have to be close to the circus to use it to the full extent. And no need to feel sorry for me, it’s all in the past. No amount of apologizing from you will fix things. Anyways, I guess we will go somewhere else for dinner. How about my place and I’ll cook you something?”

“Or we go to my place and you still cook something?” Sesshoumaru said in return.

Rin cocked her head to the side in thought. “Hmm. We will need to stop by a store…but I think your place is better than mine.”

“Then it is settled. But first, we need to get to circus’s perimeter so you can teleport us closer to my car.”

Rin gave a nod. She grabbed Sesshoumaru’s hand and pulled him back towards the circus.
(AU) (OOC)
SessRin, A bit InuKag and MirSan. Vampire story.
Dating a vampire could become hazardous.
Time Period: 2986

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